Download elastiC

If you are brave enough, you can try the development versions !.
(Actually in most cases development versions are quite stable, and usually offer much more features.)

Beta release 0.0.35 of elastiC is available now.
Your suggestions and bug reports will be highly appreciated.
Extension writers should give a look at the FFI module.
We have a gdk/gtk module too ! Download it now !
If you want to quickly generate elastiC bindings for C libraries, try SWIG for elastiC (you'll need also SWIG 1.1p5).
And don't forget to give a look at the inet module: easy networking for elastiC. Among its features, transparent network access trough normal file module and HTTP geturl. We also have a template for dynamically loadable modules written in C: the skeleton module.
If you are going to write parsers in elastiC, look at byacc-ec, a version of Berkeley Yacc that is capable of emitting both C parsers and pure elastiC object-oriented parsers.

For an example of how to embed elastiC in your own C program, look at embed-0.1.tar.gz

You can consult the complete ChangeLog.

new elastic-0.0.35.tar.gz - (Source, Unix/Win32 version, 1335 KB) - (Win32 precompiled executables v.0.0.15, 220 KB)
ffi-0.3.tar.gz - (Source, Unix version, 75 KB)
gtk-0.5.tar.gz - (Source, Unix version, 107 KB)
inet-0.4.tar.gz - (Source, Unix version, 64 KB)
SWIG-elastiC-0.3.tar.gz - (Source, Unix version, 57 KB)
skeleton-0.3.tar.gz - (Source, Unix version, 40 KB)
embed-0.1.tar.gz - (Source, Unix version, 62 KB)
new unicode-0.1.tar.gz - (Source, Unix/Win32 version, 48 KB)
new byacc-ec-0.1.tar.gz - (Source, Unix version, 232 KB)
To use the ffi module you'll need this fixed version of:
libffi-2.00-beta.tar.gz - (Source, Unix version, 166 KB)

The original version of libffi is available on the libffi home page