The Language

elastiC is a portable high-level object-oriented interpreted language with a C like syntax.
Its main characteristics are:

elastiC has been strongly influenced by C, Smalltalk, Scheme and Python and tries to merge the best characteristics of all these languages, while still coherently maintaining its unique personality.

elastiC distribution contains also support files for an elastiC emacs mode (with font-lock support) and an elastiC JED mode.

But don't waste any more time, and give it a try now !

Check the online documentation !

Happy hacking,
Marco Pantaleoni

elastiC in the press

newOct 2004 elastiC has been choosen among the projects for the Linux on POWER Open Source Developer Contest, sponsored by IBM® !
View the rules on how to participate with elastiC!
Dec 2001 elastiC has received a nomination in the Best Italian Free Software Project Award !
Aug 2000 elastiC makes an appearance in the "Regular Expressions" column of SunWorld ! Read it now !

The elastiC CVS, SVN and Bug Tracking services are kindly hosted by

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