2002-06-01  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Version 0.0.37

	* src/arithmetic/arithmetic.c (_mod): fixed modulus operation.

	* src/lib.[ch]: Added `basic.printnl' (EcLibPrintNL).

	* Cleanup of auto* stuff.

2002-05-31  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/hashfunc.[hc]: added djb and sdbm hash functions.

2002-05-27  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/lib.[ch]: Added basic.apply (EcLibApply) and and basic.arity
	(EcLibArity). The former takes two arguments: a callable object
	and a sequence of arguments and returns the result of the
	application of the callable to the arguments.
	For example:

	        function add(a, b) { return a + b; }
		local v = basic.apply( add, #[1, 3] );

	will set v to 4.
	The latter will receive a callable object as a number and will
	return an array of two elements: the first is the number of
	minimum required arguments by the callable, the second if a
	boolean indicating if the callable takes a variable number of
	arguments. The API presently doesn't allow to know the number of
	parameters of primitive functions, so basic.arity works only for
	bytecode objects at the moment.

2002-05-24  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* when using --enable-memdebug it forces

	* src/compile.c (EcCompilerContextCreate): now ctxt members are
	properly initialized. This fixes a(nother) bug discovered by
	George McBay.

	* src/gc.c (heap_grow): now zeros newly-allocated chunks. This
	fixes a bug discovered by George McBay: the object table release
	routine crashed because it descended erroneously-non-NULL pointers
	(the bug showed up only on windows, and now even on unix with

	* src/memory.c (memfill, memfill_dword, ec_malloc): Added
	uninitialized malloc()ed memory detection support (enabled by

	* src/conf.h: Added uninitialized malloc()ed memory detection

2002-05-21  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* WARNING! on 64 bit platforms (alpha) hash values produced are
	not the same as on 32 bit platforms. Some regression tests fail
	for this reason. Need to investigate.

	* src/object.c src/packageio.c src/types/stack.c: made 64-bit

	* src/object.h: made 64-bit clean.

	* src/strtod.c: new version. Taken from today's freebsd commit
	(derived from netbsd). This version is finally alpha compatible.

2002-05-??  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* some adjustments for later Cygwin versions. Still doesn't work:
	loading dynamically loadable modules causes a SIGSEGV.

	* src/dl/dl-dl.c: added. This is a dynamic loading backend which
	uses directly dlopen()/dlsym() without resorting to libltdl.
	It is possible to choose the backend with the `configure' option

2002-01-08  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/types/object.c (EcMakeObject): properly initializes to
	@undefined newly allocated instance variables (closes a bug
	uncovered by disabling EC_PARANOID_CODE).

	* src/stack.c (EcMakeStack): properly initializes to @undefined
	newly allocated stack space (closes a bug uncovered by disabling

	* src/packageio.c (read_object): properly initializes fields in
	newly allocated bytecode object (closes a bug uncovered by
	disabling EC_PARANOID_CODE).

	* src/memory.c src/dstring.c: conditionalized paranoid memory
	initializations with EC_PARANOID_CODE.

	* improved Mingw32 cross-compiler support.

2001-11-28  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/basic.h: changes to enhance portability on 64 bit platforms
	like Alpha.

	* src/elastic.c (EcCompileError): fixed.

	* src/elastic.h src/compile.c src/lib.[hc]: first implementation
	of basic.compile(), which allows to compile a string at run-time
	and obtain a callable bytecode object. The resulting object can be
	invoked as a normal function. This provides the so-called `eval'

2001-11-25  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/elastic_p.y src/ast.[hc] src/compile.c: "import ..." and
	"from ... import ..." are now regular statements. Now it's
	possible to import a package anywhere. (Feature needed to
	implement "eval"). The compiler is now totally re-entrant.

2001-11-24  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/modules-dynamic/re/re_m.c: fixed some things. Added, re.match_re(), re.match_subject()

	* src/modules/string_m.c: added string.range()

2001-11-22  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/debug.h src/stackrecycle.h src/interp.c src/sprintf.c: fixed
	#if conditions that caused erratic behaviour (defined() was not

2001-11-21  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/strtod.c: now correctly sets architecture macros also with
	-ansi option of gcc

	* src/sprintf.c: changed implementation of positional argument
	handling. Now it doesn't require taking the address of va_arg()
	(which wasn't portable and it didn't work in newer versions of gcc
	as 2.96 and 3.x). The current implementations should also be ANSI
	C safe.

2001-11-14  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/types/string.c: added '%' syntax to create strings with
	printf-like specifiers:

	   "%d %s %-10s %.2f" % #[6, 1.2, "hey", 12.1]

	* src/compile.c (compileFunction, ...) src/interp.c
	src/elastic_p.y src/object.h src/elastic.h: added default values
	for function and method parameters. Now it is possible to specify
	something like:

		private m = 8;

		private function f1(a, b, c = a * b + m)
			return a + b + c;

	(the default values are evaluated at function call time inside the
	function scope).

2001-11-04  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* misc/ initial version of an enscript stats
	filter. Put this file in your $HOME/.enscript directory and you
	can pretty-print elastiC code with the command:
	  enscript -o OUTPUT.html -W html -Eelastic --color

	* doc/ (all-local): Now correctly updates the top-level
	`INSTALL' file.

	* regress/ Now regression testing also checks for
	differences in stderr output (not only on stdout as previously).

	* src/interp.c (EcExecute): Improved error messages for uncaught
	exceptions (now the package and the filename are printed, in
	addition to the line number).

2001-11-03  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* README: added mention to the elastiC emacs mode and
	configuration files for Jed.

	* src/packageio.c src/ec.c src/ecrt.c: using EC_SOURCESUFFIX and

	* src/lib.[hc]: added basic.printf

	* src/sprintf.c: better error messages.

	* src/elastic.h src/sprintf.c: added named conversion specifiers
	(ala Python): as in %(name)s, %12(name)s, %(name)12s, %4.1(name)f,
	%(name)4.1f, ...

2001-10-29  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/ecdump.c (dump_bytecode): removed a reference to elastiC
	private data (which is stripped from the shared library).

	* src/elastic_p.y src/compile.c: multiple simultaneous assignment
	and sequence assignment are now expressions.

	* src/elastic_p.y src/compile.c: implemented sequence assignment
	to multiple lvalues:
	   [lvalue1, ..., lvalueN] = expression
	where `expression' produces a sequence of length >= N

	* src/elastic_p.y src/compile.c: changed syntax of multiple
	simultaneous assignment: now uses brackets ([...] = [...]) instead
	of parenthesis to avoid a reduce/reduce conflict in the grammar.

2001-10-28  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* libltdl: updated to version 1.2

2001-10-25  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* added debug data to bytecode objects. Removed SetLineOP
	bytecode: now line information is stored in debug info.

	* src/packageio.c (write_object): fixed bug: only hash keys were
	saved before.

2001-10-24  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/hashfunc.[hc]: improved hashing for floating point values
	(it should give the same results on architectures with the same FP
	representation, even if with different endianness).

	* improved BIGENDIAN check (providing 'unknown' as a
	default when cross-compiling)

	* src/sprintf.c: made somewhat more ANSI friendly. Still not
	completed because of &va_arg() in __find_arguments().

	* src/stackrecycle.h src/interp.c: made ANSI-friendly.

	* now checks for quad_t and u_quad_t. Checks also
	for va_copy() and similar stuff.

	* build/acinclude.m4: added a check for generic types. Added
	checks for 16, 32, 64 bit types, signed and unsigned (not used
	now). Added checks for va_copy(), __va_copy(), and va_list copy by

	* src/types/char.c (EcMakeChar): fixed (for a strange coincidence
	it worked on i86, but not on Sparc, ...).

2001-10-23  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* README: updated. Note on the `obnoxious advertising clase' in
	the BSD license.

	* src/sprintf.c: rewritten using vfprintf.c from FreeBSD 4.4 libc
	as the code base. Now it doesn't depend anymore on ecvt() (this
	should make elastiC more portable, for example on BSD :). Some
	other conversion specifiers are implemented: %b for booleans
	(EcBool) and %I for elastiC integers (EcInt).

	* src/strtod.c: added (this adds _ec_strtod() and _ec_dtoa()

	* src/elastic.h src/symbol.c: added EcSymbolExists() API

	* src/compat/*.c: new versions of compatibility functions.

	* src/elastic_p.y src/ast.[hc] src/compile.c: multiple
	simultaneous assignment.

2001-10-19  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* upgraded to PCRE 3.5 (which includes preliminary UTF-8 support)

	* moved globals LINE, COLUMN, CHARNUM to interpreter structure
	(and renamed to `line', `column', `charnum')

	* src/interp.c src/arithmetic/arithmetic.c: still some speed

2001-10-18  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/bitstring.h src/stackrecycle.h: applied fixes suggested by
	Alexander Bokovoy (missing comments on #endif's).

	* src/arithmetic/arithmetic.c: applied fixes suggested by
	Alexander Bokovoy (improper preprocessor string concatenation
	operator usage).

2001-10-16  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Stack objects are now recycled through a pool. This avoids
	massive allocations and greatly speeds up function calls. It is
	delicate though because it requires to maintain a reference count
	on stack objects.

2001-10-15  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Stack objects now contain a small inlined space (configured in
	conf.h) to avoid an allocation for small stack spaces. Good

	* src/unix/os.c (ec_get_times): fixed. This fixes elastiC function

2001-10-14  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* switched back to old union style for subtypes to avoid gnu-isms
	in accessor macros. Changes to allow smooth compilation on
	strictly ANSI compilers.

2001-10-08  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/compile.c (compileRoot): added proper (re)initialization of
	the compilation environment. This fixes a bug that appeared only
	when calling multiple times EcCompile() (noticed by James

	* src/compile.c: Fixed check for function/method return

	* src/packageio.c (write_object, read_object): Now also stack
	objects are saved/loaded. Class code is executed when a class is

2001-10-05  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/ec.c (main) src/ecc.c (main) src/ecdump.c (main) src/ecrt.c
	(main): The return value of getopt is now saved in an 'int'
	(instead of a 'char') to avoid bogus comparison on platforms where
	'char's are unsigned by default.

2001-10-04  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* (prepare): switched test from -e to -d (since on
	/bin/sh the -e operator doesn't exist).

	* regress/ switched to bash (instead of sh).

	* Added proper cast in ctype.h macros (is...()).

	* src/ src/memory.[hc] src/ast.c: Now the pool allocator
	takes into account alignment issues. This should fix alignment
	problems on platforms like Sparc, MIPS, m68k, ...

	* now (tries to) set platform alignment.

	* src/compat.[hc] src/compat/getsetenv.c: added getenv, setenv,
	unsetenv compatibility functions.

2001-10-03  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/ Fixed bug in static-only versions of
	elastiC. The -rdynamic flag has been added, so that symbols in the
	elastiC executables can be referenced from shared objects (like C

	* src/ Adapted to automake-1.5

	* Adapted to automake-1.5

	* A new elastiC library without the compiler is built
	(elasticrt). Also a new run-time only executable (capable of
	executing only pre-compiled packages) has been added: ecrt.
	This latter one, compiled without debugging, optimized and
	stripped is only 166 Kb in size (on x86).

2001-09-30  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/elastic.h src/types/hash.c: Added API functions to
	manipulate elastiC hash tables: see EcHash...() functions.

	* Changed API names for C hash-tables and string-tables from
	EcHash... to ec_hash_... and from EcStrTable... to

2001-09-29  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/packageio.c (load_shared_package): Fixed support for nested
	C packages.

	* Changed versioning scheme. Now it uses libtool versioning
	strategy (with option -version-info).

2001-09-28  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* doc/quickref.sdf: Added new quick reference manual.

2001-09-27  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* added user data to primitive functions. User data is passed in
	when creating/registering a new primitive function, and then on
	each invocation the user data is passed to the C function.
	The user data can be an EcAny value or an elastiC object: in the
	latter case the object will be marked and/or garbage collected as
	needed (you specify if it is an object through a parameter).
	This feature turns out to be useful in FFI mechanisms.

	* src/unix/os.c: CLOCKS_PER_SEC wasn't a good substitute for
	CLK_TCK. Fixed (but would need a more elegant/portable solution).

	* src/types/array.c (array_copy): fixed.

2001-09-26  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* elastic.h oop.c: added EcGetClassVariable() and

2001-09-25  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* README: corrected some errors.

2001-09-23  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* src/ChangeLog: switched from CLK_TCK to more modern
	CLOCKS_PER_SEC in src/unix/os.c

2001-03-31  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* misc/elastic.el: Added (X)Emacs mode for elastiC. Supports also
	font-lock highlighting.

2001-03-29  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* added misc subdirectory. Presently it contains some
	initialization files for the JED editor to add an elastiC mode.

2001-03-22  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* README: Added mailing list archives addresses.

	* elastic_s.l elastic_p.y: Added assign-ops (**=, *=, /=, +=,
	Added also a suitable test source for regression testing.

2000-11-22  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* hashtable.[ch] primes.h: now primes for hash expansion are
	distributed more intelligently. Tables up to 10^9 ca. entries are
	now supported.

2000-11-08  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* ec.c ecc.c ecdump.c: changed version option to -V, and added
	verbose option on -v.

2000-11-07  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* interp.c: generates an UnimplementedException when trying to
	execute a non-bytecode object.

	* added UnimplementedException, to be able to use an exception
	even when a proper class for that exception has not been yet
	implemented :-)

2000-02-20  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* elastic.m4: fixed (referenced private.h and cnf.h which weren't
	installed. Now references only cnf.h, which gets installed.)

	* elastic-config: Added options for 'makemodule' script.

	* Added 'makemodule' and support for it in makefiles and automake

2000-02-19  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* fixed silly bugs preventing compilation on RedHat/Alpha (for example).

2000-02-18  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Improved support for cross compilation in different subdirectories.

2000-02-13  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Finished initial support for Win32:
	All basic functionality is there, even dynamic C module loading
	(with DLLs).
	Compilation is done with Mingw32 compiler toolchain by Mumit Khan
	but cross-compiling from linux (thanks to Allin Cottrell for the
	hints on setting up the environment; see enclosed script
	for more info).
	Native compilation from Cygwin + Mingw32 from Win32 should be
	possible, but presently untested.
	There is even embrional, unfinished support for Microsoft Visual
	C++ 6.0 compilers.

2000-01-21  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Started basic Win32 support.

	* Added C++ compiler compatibility support (extern "C" { ... }).

	* Added EC_API macro prefix on public API symbols (variables and

2000-01-19  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Modified heap handling. GC was very misbehaved: in some
	situations we had GC happening over and over, freeing only one or
	two objects at a time. Now it seems to work much better.
	(Only to give some numbers: gtk module generator had a speed
	increase of 943% ! Over nine times faster !).

	* Added inlined symbols. Inlined chars are more problematic, since
	the tc_char type is defined in a module.

	* Introduced dynamic loading API and an implementation based on
	libltdl (should work on most Unixes and on Windows).

	* ...: switched to libtool convenience libraries for
	arithmetic, types and modules directories (requires automake 1.4
	or later). Now we can avoid installing unused libraries.

2000-01-16  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Some optimizations: avoiding temporaries in bytecode like
	PushHereOP, common case duplication for PushLiteralOP, ...

	* switched to inlined integer objects. Performance gain is great:
	>30% for integer loops. Doing integer math we also avoid object
	creation: great memory saving too ! Stay tuned for inlined chars,
	symbols, ...

2000-01-15  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Integrated libltdl (from libtool-1.3.4) to dynamically open
	modules. Should greatly improve portability. However I want to
	introduce a specific elastiC API, avoiding direct contact with

2000-01-10  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* backtrace now prints line number if available.

2000-01-09  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* fixed copy of arrays and hashes.

	* now prints backtrace on error.

2000-01-05  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* fixed TargetError creation.

	* fixed for empty methods and functions.

	* fixed truth testing for objects of classes without a '_true' method.

2000-01-04  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* fixed basic.*copy() (inadvertently these functions didn't work
	because of a typo).

	* fixed a bug in floating point printing.

	* started a document on elastiC internal architecture.

	* added a section on OOP in elastiC documentation.

2000-01-01  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* fixed a bug in lexical scoping for callbacks called by
	EcCallArgs() and friends (C called bytecode). (Critical to proper
	working of gtk callbacks).

2000-01-01  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* fixed behavior of string.split().

	* fixed syntax to allow for all optional parameters in varargs.

	* string.find() returns false when no match is found.

	* Now we preallocate exception for memory errors, to prevent
	recursion on low memory conditions.

	* Added MathError and IOError exception classes.

1999-12-27  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Corrected a bug in parameter parsing.

1999-12-25  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Now the allocator responds better to low memory (better: low
	free heap) situations.

1999-12-11  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Added 'array' module, with length(), push(), pop(), shift(),
	unshift(), sub(), find() (Apart from sub() it works on every
	ordered sequence).

	* Now strings correctly exapand on lvalue indexing.

	* Updated API for element removal: delitem_fcn callback in user
	types, ...

	* Added EcSequenceDelElement(), EcSequenceDelItem(), EcArrayDel(),

	* Fixed index normalization semantics for negative indexes.

1999-12-05  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Added labels and 'goto' (Sorry, I need it to implement lex &
	yacc in/for elastiC).

1999-12-02  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Added 'doesUnderstand' method to basic.Object.

	* Added varargs also to keyword methods.

	* Added method 'fullname' to basic.Object

	* Added basic.send() and basic.sendwith(). These two functions
	send a message to an object given the receiver object, the method
	symbol and the parameters for the method (the former as direct
	parameters, the latter as an array).

1999-12-01  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Fixed a bug causing self & class to not be restored upon return
	from a method invocation. This implied that references to instance 
	variables and methods where wrong after a method call. (MAJOR BUG

	* Fixed a bug that caused 'self' to be @nil in 'init'
	method. (MAJOR BUG FIX)

1999-11-28  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Fixed loading & saving of CallSuperMethodOP.

	* Fixed stack growth for CallMethodOP and CallSuperMethodOP.

1999-11-27  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Corrected a bug in string.toupper() and string.tolower()

	* Corrected compilation of imported variable references. (MAJOR

	* Changed the API: EcInit() doesn't anymore receive argc,argv,
	since that habit caused package loading erratic behavior (see
	src/ChangeLog). (MAJOR BUG FIX)

1999-11-26  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Switched to 'configure' dependent basic type sizes.

1999-11-24  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Corrected many, many bugs.

	* Now uses full default path search for modules (dynamically
          loadable C ones or elastiC).

	* Added elastic.m4, with AM_PATH_ELASTIC macro, useful for
	modules to obtain elastiC library path and compilation flags
	(see 'skeleton' module for an usage example).

	* Added options to elastic-config useful for dynamically
	loaded C modules: --ccshared, --ldshared, --linkforshared,

	* Added regular expression module 're' (based on pcre-2.08).

	* Fixed a bogus dependency on sdf.

1999-11-22  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Added string.ltrim, string.rtrim, string.trim, string.split,
	string.join, string.find

1999-11-20  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* Added elastic-config tool.

	* ec, ecc & ecdump now have '-v' option.

	* Add library versioning API.

	* Added 'tools' subdirectory with 'newsource' program

	* Switched to automake/libtool, updated accordingly
	INSTALL file (generated from SDF), started aclocal macros for
	automake, ...

1999-11-16  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* string.toupper() & string.tolower() now handle strings, other
	than characters :)

1999-11-10  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* ec, ecc & ecdump now have '-h' option, after a suggestion by
	David N. Welton (

1999-11-07  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* elastic.pod updated and corrected, now with not-so-silly
	examples :)

	* faster seek in types/file.c: don't intern symbols for every

	* corrected static variable reference in upper literal frames from

	* corrected an undetected bug in gc for stacks

1999-11-05  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* now static variables behave as expected :)

1999-11-04  Marco Pantaleoni  <>

	* added man pages and some examples

	* corrected a bug in closure creation

	* added copy construction support in all types

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